Educational Options

Actor Neil Flint Worden and Director/Writer Gaen Muprhree have been professors/coaches of theater for many years, and would be delighted to offer a 2 Hour workshop from the options listed below, as part of the total performance and workshop package of The Very Dickens!:

Classical Acting

Acting Coach Neil Flint Worden will provide a hands-on experience in building character through the visceral power of language itself. Students would be asked to bring in one Shakespearean, Classical Greek or other formal poetic language monologue, for exploration during the workshop.

The Solo Show

Director/Writer Gaen Murphree or Actor/Writer Neil Flint Worden will provide a hands-on experience in bringing creative ideas from a literary/documentary or even poetic text, and molding it into a performance form. Students would be asked to bring in any initial attempts on a solo show, be prepared to write creatively and share ideas, and finally present 5 minutes of their piece at the end of the workshop.

The Man Behind the Curtain

Unveiling Charles Dickens: The Creation of The Very Dickens! coincided with Dickens' 200th Birthday in 2012, and our creator in chief, Ms. Gaen Murphree, offers a class on the process. Director/Writer Gaen Murphree will reveal her writing/adaption process and research on the actual man, Charles Dickens, who became a literary rock star at 23 years of age and maintained a public image of the ideal Victorian man while being anything but that! A fascinating tour through the literature of Dickens, linking his life with his authorship. This must be scheduled in advance as Ms. Murphree is often booked with other engagements.


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